Its been long that I have come here. I had somehow lost any appetite to blog.  But well here I am again :-). Needless to say much has changed in the interim. But this post is primarily about my recent trip with my friends.

Transition from college life to a work life had taken both me and my friends to different cities with technology as the only means to keep in touch. We always tried to plan a re-union but trust me getting 4 different outlook calendars to show ‘free’ in the same time slot is a herculean task and takes a lot of concerted effort  (add planning vacation with your boss to that and you know I am talking of exponential complexity here 🙂 ). But finally, more than a year after graduating from college we all hatched a plan to get out of our rat races and headed to my hometown ; the beautiful and scenic Konkan region.

It was my birthday and our plan was to have a small celebration with my family and spend the weekend in Goa and Malvan. So after Day 1 of birthday celebrations and munching on my Mother’s delicacies we started pretty early for Goa the next day. Goa is about 90Km from my place and well connected by the NH17 national highway. Along the way we were mesmerized by  beautiful Moti Talav (Lake) in Sawantwadi and overlooking it was the famous Rajwada. We decided to visit the famous Calangute beach in Goa first. It was quiet crowded by the time we reached there and water sports were in full swing. Looking at the fun and frolic around we dropped our initial plan to indulge in water sports at the Dona Paula beach and grabbed the first water scooter in sight 🙂 .

Boy.. I don’t remember the last time I must have been so thrilled!!! Being never fond of sports, I was a bit apprehensive initially but my friends were adamant that they were going to make me start a new year of my life with as much as craziness as possible; with the ‘scary’ Banana ride or ‘you are the king of world’ Para sailing ride or ‘get spanked’ Bumping ride !! After completely exhausting ourselves we headed to Panjim for lunch. Walking on the June 18 Road and interacting with a host of locals we were advised to go to the ‘Ritz Hotel’ for authentic Goan food. My fishetarian friend enjoyed the ‘fish plate’ there,  (5 delicious varieties of fish in one plate.. all she could say was ‘I am loving it’) while I was left mulling over the fact that my sweet lime juice cost as much as the some varieties of booze there!! We headed to Old Goa after that; for a trip to Goa is never complete for me till I visit the famous Basilica Of Bom Jesus. After spending a calm evening on the Miramar beach we headed for home to take some rest before another excited day began.

Day 3 of our trip was dedicated to exploring beaches in Malvan, again an hour’s ride from my place.  We reached there early in morning and after hiring a boat we headed to the ‘Dolphin point’  about 9 Km in the sea through the back waters.  It was there,  for the first time in our lives that we saw the amazing symmetry with which dolphins swim !! We were left spellbound by the beauty of their movement which was over-powering the vastness of the ocean. It was only when the cruel and unstoppable ‘Time’ shone on our heads in the form of Sun that we  headed back to the shore. After a short visit to the famous and serene Tarkarli beach we headed to the Malvan Jetty to do something we all were mightily excited about – Snorkeling!!  Snorkeling is a recently started activity near the Sindhudurg fort. Our guides were two patient individuals who calmly explained us how to use our gear. Well, after that it was but Discovery live for you!!! We saw different varieties of corals and many beautiful fishes.  We ended our Day-3 trip by a visit to the famous Sindhudurg fort.

All in all it was a near perfect start of a new year for me; all cause of my lovely and energetic buddies. Love you all big time girls 🙂