First of all many thanks to a friend who took the pains to mail me that she happened to read my blog and that I should keep writing. They say ‘a friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words’. Thanks to her that I finally felt like posting this one. So many things have happened in the past 2 months that I guess it took some time for me to come to terms with myself. Here’s a quick list:

  1. I finished my engineering studies with static colors :). So now I can claim that I am an Engineer. Shaizeen Aga, BTech IT (COEP) happens to be my new designation :).
  2. We, which means (Akki, Swati and me) won Imagine Cup Parallel Computing Award. I really want to thank some people without whom this achievement would not have been possible.-Niks: For suggesting to me that I participate ( I had better mention Shira’s name here for inviting us to her birthday party and coming late herself 🙂 which gave Niks and me, the time to start chatting). He not only suggested that I participate but also wholeheartedly believed that I would win :). Niks, do let me know how you developed this foresight:).

    -Sudhir: For answering all my silly doubts with his immense patience and helping out.

    -Jinson and Kumbhar Sir: For helping us arrange a quad core machine for getting our test results.

    -And last but not the least Swati, for having a dual core machine, almost killing it for getting the results we got and for converting herself into a anthropomorphic debugger for almost over a month to make our code run with atmost precision and Akki for being at a ‘missed call’ distance from me for last four years and  bearing up with PRETCT who almost used to throw up (or faint) when fed with our code and large datasets.

  3. I had my first press conference for winning the Imagine Cup which was arranged by our college. Here’s a short list of various  newspapers covering this:
    Pune MirrorIndian Express

    Times of India

  4. I moved out of Pune and I am back at home now. I definitely miss the city a lot… esp Smokin Joes, Corn Club, Horn Ok Please, Krishna Juice Center, ABC, J-Block and most of all C-O-E-P… The last four years have been some of the best years of my life and they wouldn’t have been so had it not been for all my beloved friends who made it so for me. I miss you all a lot… 😦

Life at home is good.. Rain gods are pouring their hearts out and it rains cats and dogs out here… I have never been a devout  Sun Fan  nor a Rain Fan , but I surely am  missing  Sun a lot 😦 . If any you guys happen to see him please let him know I am heart-broken and that he should try striking some sort of pact with Rain and show up atleast for a few hours everyday. I am waiting for the hegemony of Rain god to end and for my mornings to be welcomed by the dulcet sounds of birds instead of the constant clamor of incessant rains.


Where have I been in the last one month? Yes. Same stuff, submission (just 1 this time though) and viva. But I think the buggy-ness quotient of this one submission was really high as compared to the other submissions that we have had. And yes of course my project report submission. Jeez… Documentation is a herculean task and by no means should be done at eleventh hour. But I never had documented any stuff and so creating the report really took the breath out of me. ‘Digging a well only when thirsty’ is definitely not a right way to quench your thirst. 🙂

As usual everything is done and I think was done well. But this week has been completely packed with some really important stuff for me. First on Tuesday we had Graduation day at the Akanksha center I volunteer for. This is a day when kids graduate from one level to next and demonstrate what they have learned in the present term. The kids were so enthusiastic about what they were presenting. It was fun attending it but at the same time it reminded me that I won’t be seeing them anymore as the center will be closed for summer holidays. I am sure gonna miss them 😦.

Second (n really important) was today I cast my first vote. I am really so happy and proud about this🙂. Thanks to my roomies (Trups, Shitu, Appulocks) for letting me know that we could register for voting in Pune even though we aren’t permanently residing here. Also special thanks to “Jaago Re! One Billion Votes”, the non-partisan national campaign launched by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy and Tata Tea for making it so simple to register for voting. So,

“Here we stand with a dot,

Proud that we added our tot 🙂

Us after voting

Us after voting

And finally now I think I will retire to studying something as the last important (??) thing this week is my end semester exam on Saturday. It’s high time and I should better start digging now 🙂

Its being almost a month since I last blogged. This being my first one since the beginning of 2009. The one thing which I dont understand about education system is why do academic year and calendar year dont start and end at the same time. Its new year and I am still in BTECH IT at COEP as was I last year. So many things in your life just don’t seem to change though there are people out there celebrating an entire new year!! I spend my new year eve with Anju, my childhood friend and her family at her home. She is one of my best buddies and its always a treat to spend time with her.They have been a family to me ever since I moved to Pune and it is thanks to them that I never feel I am alone in this city.

My BE project cum internship at NVIDIA keeps me busy enough that many a times I end up being in office sometimes even at weekends inspite of spending my weekdays almost entirely there. I had vowed that I will never spent weekends in office. Trups (my roomie since the first day at hostel) who was the sole witness to my “resolution” has gone at length to suggest that I rent a room near office to avoid commuting. Not that she cares about me hitting someone while being “activated” (which I actually did a few days ago) but more that she likes to remind me that I am a workaholic in a very tactful way.  And trust me as far as  “hitting” (pun intended) goes, it can be mutual as is certainly always in my case 🙂 .

But what better to start your new year than to be part of an amazing event which took place at my college auditorium.Each year we Microsoft Student Partners from Pune organise Developers Conference (DEVCON) , a day filled with technical sessions and fun for colleges in Pune. This year we had organised DEVCON on 18th Jan and the response was huge. More than 1000 students turned up from in and around the entire city. We organisers were indeed overwhelmed!!

The entire team had worked hard to make this event successful and we all were really happy with the turnout. Here are some pics:

Students lined up at COEP auditorium

Students lined up at COEP auditoriu

Packed Auditorium @ COEP

Packed Auditorium @ COEP



And yes finally here are we the MSP’s, the ultimate ROCKERS!!

Microsoft Student Partners, Pune

Microsoft Student Partners, Pune

( left to right)  Prachi, Manish, Ravikant, Shristi,Anuja, Dev, Awadesh, Piyusha, Abin,Dhaval , Sonali , Me,

( right to left) Rashi, Pradyna, Nikhil, Mayur, Aniket,Anand, Rahul, Ritesh.

Yes……Shaiz is Activated!! Not long ago, ie approximately for 2 months I was completely grounded.Reason : Submissions and exams.But now I am so relieved. My exams are over and though I am not completely free (my NVIDIA internship is back in full swing) atleast I am not completely tied up.

One really important developement in my life right now is my parent’s gift on my 20th birthday. They gifted me a Honda Activa.Jeez! She is cute and fast. And she really has put my life in the fast lane. So here I stand fully “activated” thanks to my dear parents.

My bike

My bike